LED Solar Powered Marine Lantern Model No.: GS-LS/H


GS-LS/H LED Solar Powered Marine Lantern adopts the solar
panel which with lower intensity of illumination and higher efficiency,
co-operate with dedicated lithium iron phosphate battery as power
supply to provide continuous power for management system.
Its shell is die casting with aviation aluminum,this material have
specific of light weight and corrosion resistance and suitable for the
marine working environment.
The light source adopts a special LED chip package developed
independently, which has the characteristics of high brightness, low
energy consumption, long service life, etc.
Lampshade adopt with PC material, it can resist corrosion, anti-UV,
The control circuit has strong lightning protection ability, with surge
protection device, which can be used in harsh working environment.
Compared with the first generation products, it has the advantages
of lighter weight, smaller volume and flexible installation size, which is
suitable for most buoys

Function & Features

  1. Advanced optical condensing lens design, luminous angle in line with the IALA standard.
  2. LED light Source, more than 100000 hours of service life.
  3. Customized with AIS controller to achieve real-time monitoring function.
  4. Can be customized GPS synchronization.
  5. 350 light characteristics, user can adjust according to require.
  6. Low voltage design, high safety in maintenance and use.
  7. Provide shock resistance, lightning-proof, sunlight resistance, rain and snow.
  8. No radio frequency (RF), no electromagnetic interference.
  9. With lightning protection function.
  10. PC cover is adopted, which has the characteristics of high transparency and chemical resistance, and it will not change color and crack in bad environment.

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