Lifeboat indication light BSW9812

Product Character

Type BSW9812 rescue boat shows a stroboscopic lamp/lifeboat and shown a lamp is a novel and special lamps and lanterns in a lifeboat.Lamps and lanterns performance conforms to haian club for MSC. 81 (70), the requirement of the resolution.For the lifeboat upper stability to provide comprehensive and effective light signal for aid to provide accurate striking and in a timely manner.Approved by China classification society (CCS).

Light Application Method and Attentions:

Connect the lamp with 12V DC voltage power supply equipment in the boat in the boat and the voltage fluctuation should not be more than 10%, or it would affect performance and service life.

The product should be installed on the hull of the high-end or eye-catching place for indicate position.

This product is sealed. Don’t open it and replacement bulb by yourself, otherwise it will affect the sealing preformance.


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The scope of application
Applied to ships with the length 12m to 50m as lamp signal liaison when night navigation
Products characteristic
1. The injection molding shell and lampshade are made of good quality PC
2. Screw clamping structure with wonderful waterproof performance, which iseasy for bulb replacement
Adopt standard Approved by CCS(China Classification Society


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