Marine explosion-proof fluorescent light CFY20-2


The scope of application:
Applied to illumination for ship,oil exploit platform,chemical
and explosive gas atmospheres zone 1 ,zone 2.flammable
gases, vapors level Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B, Ⅱ C level,Temperature class T1
~ T6 dangerous places.
Products feature:
1.The shell adopts high quality cast brass,the light body
adopts seal structure,has good waterproof performance and
anti-corrosion performance.
2.Adopt tubular fluorescent light source, mounting type is
hanging, it is convenient to replace the fluorescent tube.
3.Cable outside diameter is &11 ~ &12 ㎜ .
Products certification:
1.This lamp has been inspected and certified by China
National Lighting Fitting Quality Supervision Testing center and
National Supervision and Examination Center for Explosion
protected and Safety of Luminaire (NECESL).
2.Approved by type approval of CCS(China Classification


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CFY20-2 Explosion-proof Fluorescent Light

Products characteristic:

1.The shell is made of good quality stainless steel, PC lampshade with two glands, adopt fluorescent lamp.

2.The light adopts hang-type installation, and it is covenient to replace the light tube etc.

3.The lamp body adopts seal structure, has high waterproof performance and anticorrsion performance.

Adopt standard:

Conform to GRADE ENTRY NORMS FOR STEEL SHIPS and national standard GB3836,GB12045,EN50014,EN50018,EN60079.