SUS304 LED 400W Marine Searchlight TZ6


Can be used as a searchlight for night navigation, especially for crossing long-narrow cannel or complex water area; Also, can be as a flood light for outdoor illumination, such as dock, pork, store place and stadium etc.


Material: Stainless Steel + Tempered Glass

Protection Class: IP55 Cable: 010- 012

Voltage: 100-240V I Power: 400W

Luminous: LED White I CK: 5500K

Luminous: 45,000Lm I Visibility: 1,000m

Size: 0400 x W410 x H650mm I Weight: 30 KGS

 Weight: 30kg


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The scope of application:

Applied to far distance illumination and searching when in night navigation, especially for illumination of sea-route and two banks and surface search when across the complex water area, such as narrow channel and the inland river way etc. It can also fit for the projecting illumination in out door place such as ship, dock port, store place and stadium.

Products characteristic :

  1. The light will get up to normal brightness immediately when it is on, and it will quench at once when it is turned off.
  2. The lights adopts 75pcs 4W LED lamp. The light power is low but the illumination distance and effect are better than 1000W Tungeten halogen lights. Light intemsity can as high as 2400,000 cd. 3.11luminant adopt high quality illuminant, working life as long as 50,000 hours.
  3. The LED starter has stabled components, to assure that thr circuit has a long life time, and it has the protection for the short circuit and over load, to assure that the LED light work for long term.
  4. With two independent exhaust system, Effectively reduce the radiator temperature,Built in temperature controller, Prevent radiator overheatingTo ensure the service life of the lamp
  5. Low-energy, High energy conservation and environmental protection, Shock-proof, anit-corroson, water-proof, super long illuminant working life.
  6. LED lamp , drive power supply replacement maintenance convenience.
  7. Light body can handle pitch bu±30degress, 350 degress horizontal automatic adjustment.
  8. Patent No.: ZL 201721434731.2 ZL 201721433251.4

Standard adopted:

  1. GB7000.1(IEC 60598-1), GB7000.7(IEC 60598-2-5), GDOI etc.
  2. Approval by CCS(China Classification Society), certificate number 2.120P4039-4.