WB-1 wall light

International code:  792067

Model Name:  WB-1 wall light

Lamp holder:  FE12, FE14, FB15

Voltage:  24V

power ::15-30W

Protection level:  IP56

colour:  Transparent, red, green, yellow, blue

Material:  Synthetic resin

weight:  0.83kg


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Scope of application

The luminaire is suitable for all kinds of ships with dripping, splashing water, condensation and open spaces, such as machine room, dry cargo,

Pipes, open decks, etc.


The installation type is wall type.

certified product

1. Certified by CCS of China Classification Society, certification number 05015Q20619R0M;

2. European Community “CE” certification;

3. Organize production by Japanese JISF8414-2003 standard;

4, in line with the “Steel Sea Boat Classification Rules.”