The scope of application:
Mainly used for electric connection, circuit connected with
the breaker for all kinds of ships, offshore oil ,chemical industry
and other places which may accumulate inflammable and
explosive gas .
Products feature and products certification:
Flameproof and increased safety type of explosion-proof
switch,Explosion proof mark:Exde IICT6,it can work normally
under the temperature -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ .The shell is made of
high strength high quality brass precision manufacturing
forming. With good electrical properties and good waterproof
performance.Protection class:IP56.Voltage:380V Current:16A.
Cable outside diameter is &13mm
This lamp has been inspected and certified by China
National Lighting Fitting Quality Supervision Testing center and
National Supervision and Examination Center for Explosion
protected and Safety of Luminaire (NECESL).
Adopt standard: