SLP 5130-AL – Explosion-Proof Limit Switch – Adjustable Roller Lever

Explosion-Proof Limit Switch – Adjustable Roller Lever

SLP 5130-AL Aluminum Housing

  • Having water-proof sturucture without the use of adhesive or molding, this item   provides a high sealed quality and excellent safety.
  • Our independent system, strong returning system with double springs was taken for this item, so it maintains its stable motion after switching on for a long time.
  • Product of strong anti-corrosion by using stainless(SUS) bolts and nuts.
  • Suitable for dangerous places such as petrochemical plant, powder plant, oil tanker.
  • Standard body color : MUNSELL NO. 5.0
  • Material : Body-DIECAST Al, Bolts & Nuts-SUS, Roller-POM
  • Protection class : Exd II CT6, IP67
  • Certificate : KIMM, KOSHA
  • Custom-made for cold-proof type(-40℃~+40℃), heat-resisting type(+50℃~+120℃)
  • Protection sturucture :
    IP66, ExdllCT6
  • Contact resistance :
    가변 Roller Lever
  • Certificate :