SLP5130-RL Heavy-Duty Explosion-Proof Limit Switch – Roller Lever

The SLP5130-RL is a roller level explosion-proof limit switch. Stainless steel nuts and bolts ensure that it is anti-corrosion making it suitable for oil tankers, petrochemical and power plants. High quality sealing and safety is ensured by the water-proof structure without adhesive or molding being used. The product has double springs and an independent strong returning system in order to maintain stable motion.

This KIMM and KOSHA certified product is custom-made for cold-proof (-40℃~+40℃) and heat-resisting environments (+50℃~+120℃). The MUNSELL no. 5.0 standard color body is made of diecast aluminum and POM rollers. It has a protection class of Exd II CT6, IP67.