AC Industrial Explosion proof Plug and Socket 16A


1. Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, high-speed shot peening treatment, surface high-voltage electrostatic spraying, corrosion
resistance, anti-aging.
2. Stainless steel exposed fasteners, high corrosion resistance.
3. The plug has built-in interlocking mechanism. Only when the switch in the socket breaks, the plug can be pulled out.
4. Steel pipe or cable wiring is acceptable


1. Suitable for ambient temperature:-20℃ ~ +40℃;
2. Suitable for dangerous places of explosive gas mixture: 1 zone and 2 zone;
3. Suitable for combustible dust places: 21 and 22 districts
4. Suitable for dangerous environment such as petroleum exploitation, refining, chemical industry, military industry, offshore oil
platform, oil tanker, metal processing, etc;
5.Implementation standards: GB 3836.1-2010/GB 3836.2-2010/GB 3836.3-2010
GB 12476.1-2013/GB 12476.5-2013

Material: Aluminum Alloy