Explosion Proof LED Pendant Light 2X8W


Type: CFY20-2L   2X8W

Rated Voltage: 100V – 260V

Explosion Mark: Ex d II CT6Gb

Lamp: LED

Protection: IP56

Body Material: Cast Aluminum

Shade: PC

Weight: 7.5kg

Zone: 1, 2

Scope of Application:

Applied to Illumination for ship, oil exploit platform, chemical and explosive gas place zone 1, zone 2. Flammable gases, vapors level II A, II B, II C level, Temperature class T1 ~ T6 dangerous places.

Products feature:

  1. The shell adopts high quality cast aluminum or steel. The lamp body adopts seal structure with high water poof and corrosion resistance.
  2. Mounting type:        Bracket / Hanging
  3. Led light source:      Long service life, high intensity and low energy saving consumption.
  4. Cable outside Dia:   9-12mm


The light can be equipped with 24V emergency light source.