Fixed Ex-proof Luminaires O series

Product Description

The O Series LED luminaire is the ideal choice for marine and hazardous applications. They can be used in locations where
moisture, dirt, dust, corrosion and vibration may be present, or areas where wind, water, snow or high ambient can be expected.
● Compact structure, small size and light weight for easy installation
● Protective metal guard against potential damage
● Various installation ways for different applications
Product Description
● Great impact resistance with IK08-certified
● Copper-free aluminum housing, great corrosion resistance, and cooling performance
Globe guard Flat guard
● Waterproof and dust-proof, no need for internal cleaning and maintenance
● Tempered glass for high heat resistance
Compact structure and small size, ideal for use in various places where a spotlight is required, such as mine, brewery, aisle, etc



● Heavy Industrials Storage Facility
● Paper mills
● Wastewater Treatment Plants
● Loading Docks Platforms
● Offshore Environments
● Chemical Processing Facility
● Power Plants
● Petrochemical Processing Facility
● Metallurgical Industry
● Coal Mine
● Food and Alcohol industry



Technical Parameter

Product Dimensions