Marine explosion-proof tube fluorescent light CFYD20-2

The scope of application:
Applied to illumination for ship,oil exploit platform,chemical
and explosive gas atmospheres zone 1 ,zone 2.Temperature
class T1 ~ T5 explosion dangerous places in the general
distribution area.
Products feature:
1.The shell adopts high quality steel stamping molding, the
surface of light is powered coating..
2.The lampshade is made of amine acid ester with impact
resistance, corrosion resistance, heat-resistant transparent
3.Clips adopts integral type, has a good waterproof
4.Mounting type: hanging or ceiling.
5.The whole light adopts flameproof type ,increased safety
type of explosion-proof structure.
6.Cable outside diameter is &11 ~ &12 ㎜ .
7.Equipped with B15d emergency lamp holder, installation
24V / 1.5W emergency bulb, as temporary lighting when
power off. If you need emergency light,please note when you
sign the contract.
Products certification:
1.This lamp has been inspected and certified by China
National Lighting Fitting Quality Supervision Testing center and
National Supervision and Examination Center for Explosion
protected and Safety of Luminaire (NECESL).
2.Approved by type approval of CCS(China Classification
Society)and type approval of BV(France Classification Society).



Type CFYD20-2/2E CFYD30-2/2E CFYD40-2/2E
Explosion proof mark Ex em b llT5 Gb
Explosion proof quality certificate number NLE12.0567X
Voltage 220V/50HZ     220V/60HZ      110V/60HZ
Power 20W*2 30W*2 40W*2
Lamp holder Fa6
Protection class IP56