High Quality Di-electrical Rubber Insulating Mats IEC 61111 6MM WORKING 1KV, CLASS 0

These electrical insulation mats are manufactured as per the
IEC61111:2009 standard set by the International Electrotechnical
Commission and are highly electrical resistant. These mats protect from
mortal shocks generated by high voltage equipment.
We recommend thickness from 2mm to 4mm (higher thickness also
available) depending on use working voltage resistance with anti-skid
textured on both top and bottom surface. We also have available fineribbed
design in 3mm & 5mm thickness. It is leakage, moisture and water
proof guaranteeing long functional life. It is also fire, oil and acid resistant


Insulating Mats has been
designed for use as electrical safety
floor covering in:
> Electrical Substations
> Near HT/LT Control Panels
> In Front of Switchboards
> Around Buss Bars
Transformer, Generator & Lift Rooms
> For Outdoor/Indoor Onsite Work
on Live Equipment


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