IW5120 portable explosion-proof emergency light/LED explosion-proof searchlight

The high-quality Z-IW5120 portable explosion-proof work light


IW5120 performance characteristics

IW5120 explosion-proof performance This product is completely produced in accordance with the **explosion-proof standard, explosion-proof type **explosion-proof grade, has excellent explosion-proof performance and anti-static effect, and can work safely in various flammable and explosive places

IW5120 high-efficiency, reliable and specially designed large-capacity gel battery, small size, large capacity, no memory, low self-discharge rate, long cycle life, is an ideal power supply matching device.

IW5120 practical energy-saving light source uses specially imported ultra-high brightness LED dual light source. The main light source is driven by a constant current. It has good light efficiency, high fog permeability, low light attenuation, and an average life of not less than 100,000 hours. The secondary light source is also carefully selected. The color temperature is 6000K and the light color is white, with good light gathering effect and long irradiation distance.

The IW5120 has a novel design and adopts split main and auxiliary light sources, which are more reliable and safer to use.

The IW5120 uses a convenient rotary switch to avoid misoperation caused by use.

IW5120 is customized for you to meet the personalized needs of users. If the standard configuration of this product cannot meet the user’s work needs, our company can customize according to the requirements of customers.




Basic parameters

Working voltage DC6V

Protection grade IP65

Luminous flux 500Lm

Lamp power 5W

Light source type LED

Main application scope Coal mine, railway, power, public security, oil field, petrochemical, metallurgy, military, gas maintenance, industrial and mining enterprises and various Field operation

Light source color is white

Technical Parameters

Rated working voltage V 6 2

Rated battery capacity Ah 5 4

Light source (LED)

Current mA 350

Luminous flux lm ≥50

Average service life h ≥100000 5

Battery life cycle times ≥1000 6

Continuous discharge time of strong light h ≥22 7 Continuous discharge time of weak light h ≥48 8 Charging time (after the battery is exhausted) h ≤8 8 Dimensions mm 150 10 width mm 82 11 height mm 180