FGQ1235-LED Maintance free energy-saving explosion-proof spot light

explosion-proof light   ZONE 1 AND 2 
Product Parameters:

1. Explosion-proof mark:

f593e61aa0f9ab4fae2fc887652166d.pngII 2G Ex dbII CT6 Gb;

f593e61aa0f9ab4fae2fc887652166d.pngII 2D Ex tc IIIC T80 °C Db

2. Applicable voltage: 90~260VAC 50/60Hz

3. Power: 20W 30W 40W 50W 60W 70W

80W 100W 120W 150W

4. Light source: LED

5. Protection level: IP66

6. Corrosion protection grade: WF2

7. Lamp material: Die-casting aluminum alloy

8. Applicable cable diameter: φ9~φ12.5mm

9. LED Color temperature: 2700-6500K

10. Workable environment temperature:


11. High luminous efficiency: about 150 lm/w;

Power Factor >0.95; CRI 80

12. Lamps’ effectivity is 93.46%

13. Illumination depreciation:

Only 12.5% after 54,000 hours

14. Warranty: 5 years

15. Chips brand: Cree


I. Product features

1. The explosion-proof type of this lamp is explosion-proof or dust explosion-proof, suitable for lighting in gas or dust explosion hazardous areas.

2. The lamp is mainly composed of an explosion-proof light source cavity, an electric cavity, an inlet cavity and a mounting bracket.

3. The lamp housing is die-casted from aluminum alloy, and the outer surface of the lamp is sprayed with polyester powder.

4. The lamp adopts tempered glass translucent cover with high light transmittance and good impact resistance.

5. The lamp has the advantages of small volume, good corrosion resistance, high luminous efficiency, wide illumination range and durability.

6. The joints of the lamps are equipped with rubber seals to improve the protection performance of the lamps. They are suitable for use in wet or outdoor explosion hazardous places.

7. The lamp has a compact structure and a simple shape. This series of lamps are divided into three types: low power, medium power and high power. The low-power lamps default 110° illumination angle, suitable for close-range spotlighting, and the two illumination angles of medium and high power lamps are optional (default 45°) which is suitable for medium and long-range spotlighting.

8. The lamp is bracket type, suitable for seat type, suction wall type or pole type installation. In addition to the pole-type installation, the light inlet line of the lamp is usually equipped with a power cord to facilitate user installation, and it can also avoid to affect the explosion-proof and protective performance of the lamp caused by improper installation of the user.

9. The power of 80W and below can be equipped with explosion-proof emergency power supply. When the power supply network suddenly fails and the normal illumination stops, the lamp can automatically switch to the emergency lighting state in an instant. The emergency time is 30, 60 or 90 minutes for options.

10. This lamp is suitable for LED light source which has the advantages of energy saving, long service life, high luminous efficiency and good shock resistance, and is maintenance-free for a long time. The lamp can be used at a strong vibration environment after shockproof treatment.(If the user has anti-shock requirements, it should be stated when ordering).

II. Scope of application

The lamp can be used in the general lighting or emergency lighting of indoor and outdoor sites in zone 1 & 2 of class IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas or vapor environment where its temperature group is T1 ~ T6 or zone 21 & 22 which contain flammable dust, in which the lowest ignition temperature of a certain thickness of dust layer is higher than specified.