Marine Floodlight TG18

TG18 (GIFL500WR7S) is a compact marine standard heavy duty stainless steel floodlight for halogen lamp for any places where instant light is required. The external junction box enables easy and convenient wire-connection, the high protect grade and heavy duty materials make it suitable for outdoor uses under rough conditions for places like weather decks, docks, Oil field, and oil platform .


Weather Decks, ports, ramps, industrial and sport ground.


Designed according to rules of relevant marinetime classification societies, additional VDE and IEC


Deep-drawn stainless steel SUS304 ( or SUS316L)

Reflector :

Highly polished aluminum, anodized


Powder coated white RAL9016 and enameled up to

70 – 80μm thickness


External junction box with a brass cable gland M24x1.5 for

cables of Φ12 ~ 14mm


Adjustable bracket with 5 mounting holes (2 ×11mm,

and 3×14mm)


Halogen lamps of R7s base J118 max 500W

Protection Grade:


Beam Angle:

Our standard is spot beam 20°,  optional flood beam 55°at customers’ specific requirement.


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Lamps & holders Designation:

S/No. Description Artno.
1 Halogen Lamp 110V 300W R7s 791261
2 Halogen Lamp 230V 300W R7s 7791261-2
3 Halogen Lamp 110V 500W R7s 791262
4 Halogen Lamp 230V 500W R7s 91263
5 Porcelain Lamp holder R7s – J118,  pair set with wire 7331903