Mercury Reflector Lamp HRF

Type Watt Base Bulb shape Max Length Case IMPA Code
HRF-100W 100W E26/27 R130 206mm 12 791111
HRF-200W 200W E39/40 R160 305mm 6 791112
HRF-250W 250W E39/40 R160 305mm 6 791113
HRF-300W 300W E39/40 R180 315mm 6 791114
HRF-400W 400W E39/40 R180 315mm 6 791115
HRF-700W 700W E39/40 R280 410mm 2 791116
HRF-1000W 1000W E39/40 R300 410mm 2 791117

These mercury lamps have a high rate effciency, high capacity, volume, and long life.


They are suitable for lighting deck areas and the engine room of vessels subject to the installation of appropriate ballasters.