Easy installation Q96 10Mohm analog ac net insulation monitor

Product Description

1.AC Network Insulation Electrical Resistance Monitor, is mainly used for marine charging and discharging

The electric board controls the charge and discharge of each battery on the ship and the emergency lighting on the ship

When the network insulation resistance is lower than the set value, it will output an alarm signal, relay action, Normally Open Normal Closed, Normally Closed Normally Open; Normally Opened “NO” Normally Closed End “NC”.

2. External alarm signal output capacity is DC24V/3A or AC250V/3A

3.  Measurement range: ∞~0; measurement range (0-5MΩ, 0-5000KΩ, 0-1000KΩ); indicated in the contract

4. Power consumption: ≤2VA

5. Wiring:

1~2 Rated voltage:  AC380V±15% AC220V±15%    
4~5 Relay passive contact normally open NO, external   alarm
5~6 Relay passive contact normally closed NC
7 Ground (connecting cabinet) PE

6. After correct wiring, set the alarm value, turn on the power, the power indicator light is on, the instrument is in monitoring state, and the pointer indication is the network insulation resistance value.

7. According to the need to set the alarm value, and set the red needle to the appropriate file value, when the network insulation resistance is lower than the set value, the instrument will output the alarm signal, then the red signal light. When the insulation resistance returns to normal, the alarm status of the instrument is canceled automatically.

8. To determine if the instrument is working properly, perform a self-test. After the self-test is complete, the instrument must be returned to normal operation.

Note: In the same power network, two monitors or other instruments cannot simultaneously measure the insulation resistance (including the oscillating meter) of the same power network at the same time.