Aluminum LED Searchlight AC85-265V 400W TG27-L

Application: For long-distance searching;

Material: Aluminum

Protection Class: IP66

Cable: 010- 012

Adjustment: Horizontally 350°, up30° and down 30°

Light Source: LED I Color Temperature: 5500K

Voltage: AC85V-265V I

Power: 400W

Dimension: 385*445*620CM

Weight: 28KGS

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The scope of the application

Applied to far distance illumination and searching when in night navigation, especially for illumination of the route and two banks and surface search when across the complex water area, such as narrow channels and the inland river way, etc. It can also be fit for projecting illumination in outdoor places such as ships, dock ports, store places, and stadiums.

Products characteristic

  1. The searchlight applies the United States CREE high-brightness LED light source, with a small angle professional, and efficient lens, the searchlight has the advantages of long projection distance, excellent penetrability, and high utilization rate.
  2. The searchlight applies the design of an LED cold light source to ensure the normal operation of the light source, low temperature of the shell, and prevent scalding.
  3. The rated power of LED searchlight is low, energy-saving, and power-saving; it adopts high-efficiency and long-life MEAN WELL power supply; low ripple constant current drive; AC can work stably under 100-305VAC-.50/60Hz, suitable for use in full voltage environment
  4. The searchlight shell is designed with high-quality special steel and processed through oxidation and spraying to have excellent anti-corrosion performance, good durability, and high strength; it can rotate horizontally and project up and down with flexible and convenient operation.
  5. The lamp bends for +30° degrees by joystick, adjusted 3500 degrees horizontally, equipped joystick.