CFD4 Incandescent Explosion-proof Light with Guard for Ships

The scope of application:
Suitable for illumination for possible accumulation of
explosive gas mixtures , explosive gas atmospheres Ⅱ A,
Ⅱ B, Ⅱ C, temperature class :220V/60W ~ 100W for T1 ~ T4,
24V/25W for T1 ~ T6 cabin or outdoor spaces.
Products feature:
1.The shell adopts good quality cast brass,lampshade
adopts hard borax glass,with stainless steel protective guard.
2.The lamp body adopts seal structure with high waterproof
and corrosion resistance.
3.The lamps can work normally under the temperature
-20℃ ~ +40℃ .
4.Cable outside diameter is &9 ~ &11 ㎜。
Products certification:
1.This lamp has been inspected and certified by China
National Lighting Fitting Quality Supervision Testing center and
National Supervision and Examination Center for Explosion
protected and Safety of Luminaire(NECESL).
2.Approved by type approval of CCS(China Classification
Society),type approval of BV(France Classification Society) and
type approval of ZY(China Fishery Inspection Bureau).