• Product Name:  SOP ACIC LED Modular Floodlight 56W 5000K IP66
  • Industries:  Marine,Industrial
  • Application:  Decks, Marinas, Docks, Ports, Shipyards, Warehouses etc
  • Ideal Replacement:  MH 150W / Mercury 250W / Halogen 500W
  • Ambient Temperature:  -40°C ~ +50°C
  • Brand: 
  • CCT:  5000K
  • Watts:  56W
  • Front Frame:  ADC5
  • Heat Sink / Body:  AL1070
  • Material:  Corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium alloy with powder coating, stainless steel bracket     and 4mm impact resistant tempered glass front cover. This rugged floodlight is built to withstand the   elements and perform in challenging marine environments.
  • IP Rating:  IP66
  • Remark:  Please refer to product specification for more details and options available.
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● Extremely energy efficient. MFL 1 series delivers 5,200 lumens at 56W. They consume significantly less energy than traditional halogen and HID lightings to drastically reduce electricity costs and lifetime cost of ownership, thus ensuring a fast ROI.

● Superior thermal management with rapid heat dissipation design to prolong lamp life and optimise lumens output.

● Designed with reliable AC driver on board to enhance long term durability.

● LED technology has no filaments to break, making the floodlight more shock- and vibration resistant than traditional lighting.

● Ultra-long service life of 100,000 hours at 50°C (Ta). This means the LED floodlights are maintenance-free for many years, offering you further savings on maintenance costs. Being maintenance-free is also a crucial advantage for installations at hard-to-reach locations.

● Triac dimming compatible. (220V-240V AC & 100V-120V AC models only)

● Ingress protection rating of IP66.

● Interchangeable modules.

● Compact and lightweight.

● Safety, EMC and IEC compliance