SUS304 Remote Control Searchlight 1000W TG27-A

Application: For long-distance searching;

Certification: ABS / CCS Patent: ZL 201420804513.3

Material: Shell: Stainless Steel Bracket: Stainless Steel Lamp Shade: Tempered Glass Base: Stainless Steel 304

Protection Class: IP56 Cable: 4)10-016

Light Source: Tungsten halogen light, parallel beam & long range; Range: Horizontally 350°, up20° and down 50° by control panel;

Wired /  Remote Control: Wireless remote control for 100 meters;


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Data sheet

The scope of application 1

. Applied to far distance illumination and searching when night navigation, especially for illumination of sea-route and two banks and surface search when across the complex water area, such as narrow channel and the inland river riverway etc.

  1. Approval by CCS(China Classification Society), certificate number 1120P4028-6. 3. By the American Bureau of Shipping “ABS” certification, certificate number 18-SQ1799333-PDA.

Products characteristic

  1. The shell is made of good quality stainless steel, has good quality stainless steel bracket, good quality toughened glass lampshade, high quality stainless steel 304 base , adopt import electrical machine.
  2. The lamp can adjust up 20° , down 50° by operating box, adjust far distance of 350° horizontally, equipped operating box.
  3. Parallel light-beam, far illumination distance, concentrated light
  5. Products with wireless remote control, can control the operation of the wireless 100 m lamp assembly, the leading domestic Line level, and through product design patents.

6.Patent No.: ZL 201420804513.3.