Solar Lantern Vija 218



  • Solar panels, batteries, electrical circuits … are packed in a closed block, difficult to break, good impact of nature …
  • Fully automated operation:
    • Automatically turn off when it is bright, active when it is dark.
    • Automatically stop charging when the battery is full.
    • Automatically generates warning signals when the battery is weak.
    • Automatically turn off after 18 hours of storage and automatically operate when installed.
    • Automatically works with pre-installed mode after replacing the battery.
  • Allows changing light intensity, flash mode, toggle threshold … allowing the use of products in a flexible and multi-functional way.
  • The life of the device is very long thanks to the ability to replace batteries easily

Trademark registration and quality:

  • VIJALight and the logo are trademarks granted the Certificate of Trademark Registration by the Intellectual Property Department: 95292.
  • VIJALight products are manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards.
  • VIJAlight products are tested and certified by the Technical Center, General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality: water resistance ability meets IP68 standards, operating in the temperature range from -40 o C to +80 o C, meeting European standard EN 60945: 2002.


  • Signaling aviation obstacles for antenna poles, high voltage electric poles, high-rise buildings, television towers …
  • Obstacle signs, river crossing works, works on rivers and seas such as oil and gas exploration and exploitation areas …
  • VIJA-218 meets the technical requirements of aviation obstacle warning lights – Low intensity – Class A, B, C, D according to Decree 20/2009 / ND-CP and International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO (Low – intensity, Type A, B, C, D)
  • VIJAlight signal lights have been exported to: Netherland, New Zealand, Italy, Greece, India, Lebanon, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States of America (USA) ), United Kingdom (UK), Canada …


  • Light effect range:> 3.7Km.
  • LiFePO4 battery: 6Ah.
  • Self-running time: 25 days without sunshine.
  • Solar battery capacity: 1.8W.
  • Flash mode: 267 red flashing mode meets the technical standards of ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization, installed and changed by remote control during use.
  • Lamps meet National Technical Standards on Vietnam Maritime Signage QCVN 20: 2010 / BGTVT and IALA International Signal and Lighthouse Management Organizations Organization